Welcome to『monanosu』

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What is ?

・I'll watch Mona's daily growth. As Monaparty livening up, MONA grows more. (By the number of transaction) MONA also grows by the thing which makes MONA eat XMP.

・みんなが Monaparty 上で遊べば遊ぶほどモナーが成長するよ!(毎日のトランザクション数で圧倒的成長!)

HOW TO PLAY .1 (Mona Eats)

・Just send "XMP" to 『MCpD1MSBRkeWsZBPSFRP9D8UuHh98jenUK』 above! "XMP" that everyone sent will be the meal of the moner! (Grows up)


HOW TO PLAY .2 (Monacard Flash)

・ Let's enter your "Mona Card Address" from "Card Menu"! After a while, the held "monacard" will come down! Reading is very slow so let's wait patiently!

・『カードメニュー』から自分の『モナカードアドレス』を入力してみよう! しばらくすると保有している『モナカード』が降ってくるよ!

HOW TO PLAY .3 (Dash Mona)

・ Let's Get Monanosu Limited Card!! Press the treasure chest icon and enter your Monaparty address. Find a treasure chest hidden in the field and get a card!


Be careful to eat too much

・ Tokens other than "XMP" are not reflected in growth (also MONA). The address above can be accessed by "the person who created it." (In other words, it is possible to move XMP etc.)


Related service


A Web wallet for Monacoin and Monaparty. It is easy to see on the list of Monacards owned and DEX functions are also available.

Monacoin , Monaparty 対応のWebウォレットです。所有するMonacard の一覧やDEX機能も揃えてある上に見やすい。


The work of various writers has been cardified (tokenized). There are a lot of illustrations mainly, but it is used as certificate of shop coupon and product and various uses.



We are distributing Monacard on Twitter. Besides, there are various fun services such as "Odairoid 1st".